Logan "Lo" hunter



The famous Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho once said, "when you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It's very simple." I agree completely. I've spent my life embracing the optimism and excitement that comes from pursuing things I am most enthusiastic about. Music has been an incredibly influential part of my life since...well, since I was caught on camera at two years old bouncing up and down to a catchy beat and making goofy noises.

Through my musical endeavors in New York and Los Angeles, I've begun to understand how this positivity touches those around us in ways we can't anticipate; it's a feeling we secretly crave and readily welcome. I strive to spread this emotional antidote as far as possible so people feel more content, open, and empathetic than before.

After all, we're in this life together. Why not make it as enjoyable as it can be?

-Logan "LO" Hunter

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